Bumimas Protection main core business is to provide the security services to the clients in need. Therefore, to meet our clients’ contentment, Bumimas Protection stresses in the importance of delivering reliable, high quality value services.
Besides being the iron shield for our valued clients, Bumimas Protection also determines to offer a new perspective of security services to local and foreign industries throughout Malaysia by implementing the Bumimas Protection system.
The company’s concept implementing Bumimas Protection system, besides to upgrade the level of security services, is to comply with the government’s vision which is to broaden the employment opportunities for the people.


Code Of Performance

Previously, the image of a security guard was often been connected to an unknowledgeable retired person. However, the negative image portrayed has come to a turning point, where guards now are well trained on their jobs tasks.
We employ a blend of young and matured guards to improve the services to meet today’s requirement. Nevertheless, the employment of ex- Military and ex- Police has been the company’s main concern which their expertise in dealing with certain cases is very useful.

The manpower is well trained and well motivate to possess the right mentality and job interest. And, to ensure the optimum effectiveness, close supervision of guards are carried out by patrolling officers.

In addition, we provide attractive career advancements and good remuneration packages. The manpower will also receive attractive and better wages to retain quality workforce.

Besides a close supervision of guards by the operation management, the guards are mentally and holistically well-trained, in order for them to have positive attitudes and optimistic thinking. We believe that by having a healthy thinking one will have a high level of self-discipline that can make one certain to make a reliable judgment.
Once a person has a reliable judgment, one will possess self-control, patience and intelligence that can refrain him/her from any argument with other people. In addition, our guards are aware that personal feeling must not affect the way they conduct their assessment. A professional and trained security guard will be able to perform in any situations.

An observant person is one of the characteristics of a good guard. As professional and well-trained guards, they are deliberate that they have to be vigilant at all times while on duty. They have been trained to be cautious and watchful to any unforeseen changes or suspicious situations that can cause any harm or lost to our clients. This is parallel to our believed, which is PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. Therefore, the guards are trained and well equipped to detect and prevent any activities which could results in injuries, damages, losses to employees, tenants, or visitors of the company.

A happy working environment will present a calm and gentle guard. It is important that visitors are greeted and attended in a proper manner. Thus, the positive interaction between the guards and the visitors will project the suitable image of the respectable company.

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