Since its inception, security guard company Malaysia, Bumimas Protection has been concentrating and providing quality security personnel for the public and private sector. Our achievement is mainly due to our strong management team, and professionalism that consolidated by experience and expertise derived from our strategic approach to our valued customer. Furthermore, we have a commitment to provide a professional and comprehensive support service to our clients, thus to provide a clean and safe working environment for our clients and the public.

Our services are Armed Guard, Unarmed Guard (Static), Escort and Personal Body Guarding, Overnight Storage and Vaulting, Private Investigation and Detective Service, Mobile Patrols, Neighbourhood Security, Tele-contact and Security Survey, Central Monitoring Systems (CMS), Security Product, Trading and Consultancy, In-house Security and House Detective, Pre-Employment Screening Service and Guard Dog

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Security consultancy and management

In spite of all the above, BMPSB also provides consultancy and management service on security related matters especially on those organization or firms that wish to have in-house security. To take advantageRead More...
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Central Monitoring System (CMS)

Central Monitoring System (CMS) is utilized to supplement effective operation covering assignment on a 24 hours basis. We are pleased to advise our clients, house residents, banks, factories, warehouse and others, toRead More...
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Security Guard Training

In addition to all services that are offered by our company, BMPSB also provide comprehensive training for security personnel guards, bodyguards, house detectives, plain-clothes personnel, Cash- In-Transit and potential supervisors to ourRead More...
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Escort Services

BMPSB armed escort teams execute this service professionally, in private vehicles backed by a dedicated of logistics network. The team delivers services to escort private VIP’s vehicles and CIT armoured vehicles. However,Read More...
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Response and Patrol Services

Our Mobile Patrol Units are well trained and disciplined, which consist of ex-police and ex-army personnel. They are available for reconnecting premises, which watchman has been employed by their owner, so thatRead More...
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Bodyguards Services

The Bodyguards Services is to offer personal armed plain-clothes bodyguard service for close protection for business executive, business and professional people, to avoid VIPs kidnapping, physical assault and to and to preventRead More...
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Private investigation

BMPSB Private investigation department consists of a team of expert and highly experience investigators. We also specialize in Commercial Crime, Copyright Patent Infringement and Background Screening. Investigations must necessary be for overallRead More...
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Guard Dogs

Our Guard Dogs Unit is professionally police trained and have undergone sophisticated schooling together with their handlers to rise in any occasion in order to maximize our protection plan. This service isRead More...
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Internal Static Guards

BMPSB provides Unarmed Security Guard Services. The guards are well trained in commercial security services and they are experiences in guarding High Risk Buildings, Factories, Condominiums and Construction Site. Our manpower isRead More...
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